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Commercial Site Project

Earthmaster was commissioned by an engineering firm to assess an area where hydrocarbon impacted soil had been encountered in a small rural town during installation of an underground waterline. Earthmaster was tasked with completing assessment and remediation activities on this project.

A Phase II ESA was conducted within the downtown area to assess and delineate the amount of impacted soil and determine a possible "source". Based on the assessment, it was determined that approximately 1500 m³ of impacted soil was present in the area due to the existence of a historical gas station. Following the assessment, Earthmaster provided supervision and monitoring for the successful removal and remediation of the hydrocarbon impacted soil.

Earthmaster assessed and effectively supervised the assessment, excavation and remediation of the impacted soil to the complete satisfaction of all stakeholders which facilitated the installation of the waterline within the required timeline. A detailed report was presented to the client.

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