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Reclamation Project

A major oil and gas producer wanted to obtain a Reclamation Certificate for an abandoned wellsite in southern Alberta. After Earthmaster completed the Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments and associated remedial activities, final surface reclamation was required. Upon hydrovacing the abandoned wellbore as part of reclamation pre-ground disturbance activities, the Earthmaster field consultant discovered that the wellbore had been cut and capped at a depth of 70 cm below surface grade. The Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) Directive 020 states that in a cultivated field, the casing string must be cut off a minimum of 2 m below final contour elevation.  It was estimated that it would cost $150,000 to re-enter and cut and cap the wellbore at the required depth.

Prior to approaching the client, Earthmaster evaluated various reclamation options in order to determine if a more cost effective solution was available. Given site characteristics and contours, and following discussions with the landowner, it was determined that 3,000 m3 of nearby soil could be hauled to the site to build up the area above the wellbore providing enough permanent soil cover to satisfy regulatory requirements. The client approved the reclamation program.

The site was subsequently reclaimed and final contours blended perfectly with the surrounding landscape. The client and landowner were extremely happy with the results. The solution improved surface soil conditions and ease of farming for the landowner. The client saved an estimated $100,000 and a Reclamation Certificate was obtained two growing seasons after final site reclamation activities. The Earthmaster on-site supervisor had over 25 years of remediation and reclamation experience.

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