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Licensed Oilfield Waste Treatment Facility Project

A major oil and gas producer wanted to dramatically reduce the time from wellsite abandonment to reclamation certification given population growth pressures in one of the areas in which they operated. In addition, the client wanted to expeditiously remediate contaminated soil that originated from not only abandoned sites, but also operational sites. A large number of such sites was concentrated in a small geographic area and contamination was primarily ‘light end’ hydrocarbons. Given the proximity to residents and their concerns, on-site soil treatment was not a viable option.

Respecting landowner concerns, municipal guidelines and provincial environmental requirements, Earthmaster and the client worked together to obtain approval for construction of a stand-alone oilfield waste treatment facility. Earthmaster subsequently designed and constructed a three hectare facility where contaminated soil from different sites could be hauled and simultaneously remediated.

Earthmaster has operated the facility on behalf of the client for ten years. In that time, over 80,000 tonnes of soil, that would have been disposed to landfill, has been remediated and recycled. As a result of detailed and accurate treatment records, excellent relationships with surrounding landowners and a well maintained and operated site, the facility has upheld strict compliance with regulatory requirements and has passed all regulatory audits.

“(Earthmaster) personnel are very effective at reporting and communicating. They excel at prioritizing work to ensure a high level of efficiency and cost savings and take into account client, landowner and regulatory requirements in plans and projects under their management.” Jim Gordon, Manager, HSE, Legacy Oil + Gas Inc.

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