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Additional services

Additional services

Additional Services

Services Above & Beyond

Earthmaster has made teaming arrangements with a variety of service partners to augment and support our in-house services being provided to our clients. These partners bring specific expertise to our projects whenever required and includes...

Wildlife Ecology:

  • Evaluation of terrestrial and aquatic habitat capabilities and land use effects
  • Contributions to regional habitat classifications
  • Design and completion for an array of wildlife field surveys
  • Bird sweeps
  • Field truthing habitat class maps and habitat conditions

Water Management:

  • Environmental, Industrial Hygiene and Waste Management Plans
  • Storm management assessment and the design of management solutions
  • River training and armouring
  • Water quality modeling
  • Design and construction of storm water BMPs (Best Management Practices)
  • Design of low impact water control structures
  • Wetland delineation (both wildlife and vegetation assessment and monitoring)
  • Terrestrial species at risk assessments
  • Wetland / stormwater integration
  • Municipal land use planning
  • Policy development
  • Freshwater ecology including surface water quality testing
  • Watershed management planning
  • Limnology
  • Water resource
  • Stormwater management
  • Water / wastewater treatment
  • Hydrogeology

Fisheries management:

  • Assessment of fish habitat quality
  • Potential impacts on fisheries resources
  • Species at risk

Demolition, dismantling and decommissioning of structures and wellsites

Hazardous materials abatement:

  • Asbestos
  • PCB’s
  • Mould
  • Mercury
  • Lead
  • Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORMs)
  • Bird/rodent droppings materials

Regulatory compliance:

  • AER Pipeline and Facility Applications (AER Directive 056)
  • OGC Pipeline and Facility Applications (Pipeline and Facilities Manual)
  • Facility EPEA registrations and approvals through AER and AENV
  • National Energy Board (NEB) Pipeline and Facility Applications (National Energy Board Act)
  • Building and Development permits (Municipal Government Act)
  • Noise Abatement Studies (AER Directive 038)
  • Traffic Accommodation strategies (Highway Traffic Act) and Railway Crossings and approvals (Railway Act)
  • BTEX emissions calculations (AER Directive 039)
  • Land Package Auditing
  • Land Owner non-objection and notification Compliance (AER Directive 056)
  • Industry notification (AER Directive 056)
  • Waste Management (AER Directive 051/058)
  • Emergency Planning Zone calculations

Environmental compliance:

  • Conservation and Reclamation (C&R) Reports for Class 1 pipelines (Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act)
  • Environmental Overviews including construction practices and recommendations for Class 2 pipelines
  • National Energy Board cross border pipeline applications (Canadian Environmental Assessment Act)
  • Coordinating Environmental Alignment Sheets
  • Construction best practices and recommendations
  • Watercourse crossing COP/DFO notifications / Approvals (Water Act)
  • Dispersion and Emission modeling (AER Directive 060)

For more information on our additional services contact
Adam Dunn at
or 403-201-5111 (ext. 226)