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Unique Solutions to Unique Problems

Earthmaster specializes in the remediation of contaminated soil and water resulting from historical activities and uncontrolled discharges or spills. We employ a variety of methods and technologies to remediate soil and groundwater contaminants including hydrocarbon and other organic chemicals, salt, sterilants, and trace metals. We design site specific remedial approaches around unique site conditions and client objectives. Our projects range from small (single wellsite) to large (sour natural gas processing plant) contaminated sites.

Our remediation services include:

  • Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Soil and Groundwater Monitoring Program Design and Implementation
  • Contaminated Soil and Groundwater Assessment, Monitoring and Remediation
  • Remediation and Closure of All Upstream and Midstream Oil and Gas Industry Related Contaminated Sites
  • Spill Response and Contaminated Site Rehabilitation
  • Oilfield Waste Treatment Facility Design and Construction
  • Risk and Liability Assessments
  • Facility Decommissioning

For more information on our remediation services contact
Adam Dunn at
 or 403-201-5111 (ext.226)
Kent Cryer  at  or  403-201-5111 (ext.231)