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The Best in the Industry

On an annual basis, Earthmaster conducts hundreds of environmental site assessments (ESAs) and environmental liability assessments (ELAs). Most environmental consulting companies do ESAs and ELAs – what makes Earthmaster the best in the industry?

Our people – Our people are highly trained and knowledgeable environmental specialists who have extensive experience in all aspects of Phase I and Phase II assessments including file review, air photo interpretation, interviews, site inspections, assessment planning, borehole drilling, data interpretation, and reporting. We quickly and accurately identify real and potential areas of concern.

Our protocols – Our step by step field assessment protocols ensure current site conditions and assessment findings are accurately captured and reflected in reports. Follow-up assessment work is rarely required for additional plume delineation.

Our reports – The quality of Earthmaster reports is second to none. All reports are carefully edited by senior staff ensuring accuracy of the information and recommendations. Reports are organized so that it is quick and easy to find critical information. They are comprehensive. Appendices contain all materials referenced in the body of the report. Ultimately our reports are excellent resources that give clients and regulators a complete understanding of site conditions so they can confidently and intelligently make go-forward decisions. Our track record for getting reports to clients on time is exceptional. The turnaround time for Phase II ESAs, from completion of field work to final report delivery, is an average of two months.

Practice makes perfect - We do hundreds of assessments. As a result of our strategic resource planning, organizational capability and willingness to conduct field work year round, Earthmaster completes up to 300 Phase I ESAs and 250 Phase II ESAs annually.  We are able to handle both simple and complex sites.

Our assessment services include:

  • Phase I and Phase II ESAs
  • Environmental Risk and Liability Assessments
  • Pre-Drill and Pre-Disturbance Site Evaluations
  • Soil and Vegetation Surveys and Assessments
  • Ground Water and Surface Water Assessments

For more information on our assessment services contact
Adam Dunn at 
or 403-201-5111 (ext. 226)
Amber Flamand at or 403-201-5111 (ext. 235)