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The Leader in Phytoremediation Systems

Along with the University of Waterloo, we developed an innovative phytoremediation Phytoremediation is the use of plants to extract, degrade, contain and immobilize chemicals, including petroleum hydrocarbons and salt, from the soil. technology called PEPS. Our scientifically and commercially proven system uses naturally occurring soil rhizobacteria plus agricultural amendments and scientific methodologies designed for site specific conditions and characteristics. PEPS generates vigorous above and below ground plant growth that results in rapid remediation of soils contaminated with hydrocarbon, salt and some trace metals.

Advantages of the PEPS system

  • Contaminated sites are rapidly re-vegetated.
  • It is environmentally responsible.
    • Green technology
    • Driven by solar energy
    • Soil is remediated on-site and re-used
    • Soil quality is improved
    • Corporate liability is not transferred to a landfill
    • Greenhouse gas storage approximately 6 tonnes per hectare
  • It is cost effective.
    • More cost effective at remote sites
    • Approximately half the cost of landfilling for sites with large soil volumes
    • Costs are spread out over two to three years
  • Recalcitrant long carbon chain petroleum hydrocarbons and salt are removed faster and more completely than other bioremediation techniques.
  • It works!

For more information on our PEPS system contact
Kent Cryer at
or 403-201-5111 (ext. 231)